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  1. What makes us different from other storage facilities?
    We are family owned and operated, as well as longtime residents of Decatur. We literally live right down the street. As such, we have deep ties in the community and we care just a bit more than corporate owned facilities.
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  2. What does it mean for me that Decatur Self Storage is solar powered?
    Decatur Self Storage produces electricity in excess of our needs. We sell excess back to Georgia Power. Tenants participate in green technology saving greenhouse gases with a lighter energy footprint than competing self storage facilities. Also the cost of our units is no more than the competition, and many times less.
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  3. How do you compare to other storage facilities?
    That's easy! just take a look at the table below:
    Self Storage
    Public Storage
    (Clairmont Rd)
    Uncle Bob's
    (N. Decatur Rd)
    Public Storage
    (N. Decatur Rd)
    (Dekalb Ind. Way)
    Space Max
    (Zonolite Blvd)
    Elevators No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
    Monitored Security Yes No No No No No
    Locally Owned Yes No No No Yes No
    Climate Controlled Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
    Non-Climate Controlled Yes No No Yes No No
    Corporate Owned No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
    Requires Insurance No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
    Competitive Pricing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Multiple Access Points Yes No No No No No
    Every Day Access Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
    Dock High Loading Yes No No No No No
    Tractor Trailer Access Yes No No No No No

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  4. What size unit do I need?
    Generally a one bedroom apartment fits into a 10x10 space but you, the consumer, can get a better idea by coming by to take a look. We have any size space that you might need, ranging from closet-sized to dock accessible 10 x 25ís, and many more choices.
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  5. Do you have elevators?
    NO! Our facility is all on one level for easy access. Every moving company that helped our customers move in has complimented us on the accessibility of our facility. On our climate controlled section, we even have dock high loading that accommodates eighteen-wheeler access.
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  6. What is the difference in climate and non-climate space?
    Climate controlled space is air conditioned for humidity reduction. It is excellent for wood furniture, record storage, and anything that is upholstered. Any of your belongings that need to be protected from humidity and/or temperature extremes should be stored in our climate controlled units. Our non-climate space is located inside a brick building. It is not heated or cooled but is not exposed to outside elements as drive-up spaces are. Our non-climate space has interior doors and an air space above and around the units, which serves as an insulator. We also have a limited number of large, exterior-entrance, non-climate units. These units feature wide doors and box truck-height access. A few also have electrical service available.
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  7. If I need shelving, can you accommodate?
    Absolutely we feature units with shelving, just ask!
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  8. Can you accommodate tractor trailers if I need something shipped to your facility?
    Yes! Decatur Self Storage is one of the few competing facilities to offer such access. We have five tractor trailer loading positions with dock levelers. An entire shipment of freight on pallets can be loaded or unloaded easily. We also have pallet jacks for your use.
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  9. Do you accept UPS and Fed Ex shipments?
    Yes. We accept these as well as freight shipments; however, we do not load or unload trucks.
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  10. What do you know about professional movers?
    We have a list of movers who have gotten compliments from our customers. We will be happy to pass the list along to you for moving quotes. Movers often refer our facility to their customers, as well.
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  11. What if I need a unit or service not mentioned here?
    Just ask! We specialize in solving problems, big or small.
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